Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther Update

It’s been three months and 12 episodes since we launched the podcast Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther. Producing the podcast is challenging as it’s not simply long-form interviews.

We feature people and places of interest to Canadians seeking new, interesting and accessible outdoor adventures. Each 28-minute episode is subdivided into five segments: a short introduction , a conversation with young Lilly about interesting facts she’s found that relate to the storyline, a bucket list feature designed to tempt you to try something new, some tips and related tech to make sure you get the most out of your adventure, and some campfire reflections about my own experiences as a blind outdoor enthusiast.

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Here’s some interesting content we came across recently that you might want to check out. James Black from Wilderness redefined is a blogger on the many benefits (mental, physical, and family bonding) of being around nature and getting outdoors. His blogs are full of practical info and tips. You can link to his latest blog here: https://wildernessredefined.com/benefits-of-being-outdoors/

Thanks for listening and stay tuned. We will be announcing some give-aways soon!


Lawrence and Lilly