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Ice Fishing Ottawa River Walleye is About Time and Place

Twice in January I ventured out on to the frozen Ottawa River and had two terrific days of Walleye fishing. Same river, different times of the day and different strategies each time. Timing: During daylight hours the Walleye stay deep just off the main current. At dusk, they move shallow to take advantage of low […]

My Adventures on the Water with the Late Tred Barta

I was saddened to learn of Tred Barta’s passing in August 2019 in an automobile accident. So many memories came flooding back – his desire to do everything the hard way “the Barta way” could certainly bring out the worst and best in people. People either loved him or hated him, but no one could […]

Muskie or Mayhem on the Ottawa River?

The year 2019 will go down as one of the least promising starts to a Muskie season eastern Canada’s legendary Ottawa River has ever witnessed. The combination of 100-year spring floods, and then  the four consecutive fish kills that took place just upstream on one of the Ottawa’s tributaries during the month of July, had […]

Muskie fishing and the Art of Angling

(First published in Muskie Canada’s Release Journal summer 2019) As muskie anglers we are constantly being bombarded with tips and techniques for catching more and bigger fish. The tackle and boating sectors are never far behind with their own innovations covering everything from the latest lures and colours, to a never-ending stream of mind-blowing advances […]

Blind Fishing Sailfish Using Bait-and-Switch

I first crossed paths with Tred Barta in Colorado where we teamed up to compete in the American International Fly Fishing Cup. I had the chance to witness Tred catch five-pound plus rainbows on a one-weight fly rod. Tred told me later he knew I was good for a challenge when I insisted on trying […]

Walleye Opener and the Law

Getting out on the Upper St. Lawrence River for the opening of Northern Pike and Walleye season has become a sort of ritual. It entails arriving at the launch around 1 a.m. after the crush of boats are launched, and there truly are a lot. This year it was my buddy John joining me for […]

The Idea behind the Charity “Blue Fish Canada”

As many of you, my attachment to fishing began with adventures with my father and three brothers as we captured and then consumed all we caught. Even after I was declared legally blind, I still pursued my passion for fishing, and by my early 20’s, I was fishing commercially for Atlantic Cod aboard wooden dories […]