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Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther Update

It’s been three months and 12 episodes since we launched the podcast Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther. Producing the podcast is challenging as it’s not simply long-form interviews. We feature people and places of interest to Canadians seeking new, interesting and accessible outdoor adventures. Each 28-minute episode is subdivided into five segments: a short introduction , […]

The Makings of a Guide Dog Documentary

Hard to believe that just over a year has passed since we finished filming “Makings of a Guide Dog”. My new guide dog is working out great, and so are the rest of the graduates now faithfully serving their blind charges throughout Canada, including Iqaluit. The past year has most certainly been unusual at best, […]

Lawrence Gunther – Fisher, Filmmaker, Adventurer

Nov. 17, 2020 Written By Shana Cesaire Ottawa Adventure Film Festival Lawrence Gunther is the host of this year’s Accessibility in Adventure program. Lawrence has established himself as a pillar in our community. Declared legally blind at the age of 8, and progressively losing more of his sight as he aged, Lawrence has not let his […]

Episode 10 – Into the North

With our CNIB Guide Dog certification achieved, and my confidence in Lewis’s ability to guide me well established, it was time to contemplate where I could travel with Lewis to put our partnership to the ultimate test. He was already with me twice weekly aboard my fishing boat as my tournament schedule had us competing […]

Episode 9: Big City Challenge

After months of organizing outdoor adventures for CNIB Guide Dog trainees, I was more than just a bit anxious to run off with my new guide dog Lewis and get my independence back. But, being assigned a new guide dog meant that this was only the end of phase one. I still had to be […]

Episode 8: Decision Day

After a half-year of being the “big brother” to a pack of seven CNIB guide dog trainees and being part of their formation and training as reliable guide dogs, it was finally time for me to put my “blind guy” hat back on. I needed a guide dog. It was my hope that one of […]

Episode 7: Camping

My wife Anne and I enjoy taking off in the summer with our travel trailer and exploring Canada and the United States. We spend on average 35 nights a year camping. There are a few campgrounds that we return to annually, like the Cardinal KOA located near-by the St. Lawrence River – a favourite of […]

Episode 6: Boating and Fishing – Part 2: Fishing

Dogs love holding things in their mouths. They love to catch and carry things, always with their mouth. It’s for this reason that it’s important to make sure that CNIB guide dog trainees aren’t interested in mouth-damaging devices such as fishing lures. Nothing brings a day’s fishing to an end faster than a dog with […]