Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

On February 12, 2013 I was honoured to be awarded the Queen Elizabeth…

Blind Fishing Boat / Feel the Bite! year-in Review 2012

Top 10 2012 Highlights 10-Catching my personal best Sunfish…

5th Annual Ranger & Stratos Fishing Invitational

Once again I took part in the Ranger – Stratos Invitational…

Renegade Pro-Am 2012

Each year eastern Ontario’s premier tournament Bass fishing…

Lawrence Gunther on Anglers as Citizen Scientists

Sarah Freemark from CTV morning interviews Lawrence on the Ottawa River about his podcast and charity, and simple things each of us can do to help ensure the future of fish and fishing.

Lawrence Gunther describes How Fish Use different senses to Find Food and avoid being Eaten

Sarah Freemark from CTV Morning television has Lawrence describe the anatomy of the fish they have been catching, and to explain to the viewers how fish use their different senses to find food and avoid being eaten.

Lawrence Gunther Takes Sarah Freemark from CTV Television Fishing for Catfish

Lawrence Gunther, is guide dog Moby, and guest pilot Jason Cox head out on to the Ottawa River with Sarah Freemark from CTV Morning television to catch some catfish and learn more about fishing sustainably.

Girl Guides Go Fishing with Lawrence Gunther

Lawrence Gunther invites the over-50 members of the 12th Ottawa Girl Guides to go fishing, and members of Lawrence’s Ottawa Valley South BassMasters club volunteer to help out.

Lawrence Gunther’s Tips on Fishing Lure Storage and Braille Labelling

Lawrence Gunther fishes over 20 competitive tournaments a year as North America’s only totoally blind professional angler. Watch as Lawrence gives tips on how he organizes baits for maximum

Lawrence Gunther Reveals How He Ice Fishes Blind

Lawrence Gunther and his guide dog Moby are ardent ice fishers, but knowing how to get on to the ice and back safely and without getting lost can be a challenge. Watch as Lawrence reveals

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