Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther: Teaser

Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther includes news about the environment, and what we can all do to make sure we are engaging in our outdoor pursuits in a sustainable and respectful way. Also, news about how each of us can contribute to mitigating climate change. Mostly though, it’s about connecting with nature in ways that bring strength to body and sole.

In the end though, it’s never too late to develop your own connection with nature, or to learn a new outdoor skill. And let’s not forget our personal bucket lists.

Dumping out that bucket is the same as giving up hope.

Our goal is to collect and pass along information about being in the outdoors, outdoor accessibility, being an outdoor enthusiast with a visual disability, and empowering blind and low vision people to carry on the ancient art of blind storyteller.

We would like to hear from you. What would you like to hear more about. What would you like to learn how to do. Is there an adventure you are interested in trying? Maybe there’s a skill you would like to share with others. Send us an email with your thoughts to: