Girl Guides Catch Fish Fish and More Fish

For the third time in four years I brought together two seemingly different groups with a similar interest – to catch fish. The Ottawa Valley South Bassmasters, for which I’ve served as Conservation Director for the past three years, and Ottawa’s largest Girl Guide troop.

The trick is lots of worms, tiny 1/16 oz. ball-head jigs or smaller, floats, and did I mention worms?

Each volunteer Bass Masters Club member was paired with 2-3 Girl Guides. Sure, there was a bit of fishing rod sharing, but every girl caught at least two fish – some as many as eight.

Distributing worms started orderly enough with 2-3 in the bottom of cut-down disposable cups, and ended with girls grabbing worms by the handful to expedite the fish catching process.

A little Q/A section at the end to go over fish species caught, and to discuss the stewardship tips learned that evening.

Amazing how many fish can be caught from one doc in 90 minutes using 20-odd fishing rods – great job girls!