Rivers as Life-Giving Arteries

On my radio segment on water and fish, I explore why Canada’s rivers are crucial arteries that are both full of life, and transport important life giving resources. We talk about the different major Canadian rivers, and what people need to know about being stewards to ensure their viability – much of which involves unseen harmful elements that flow downstream from each of us.

I end the 10-minute audio segment with some personal reflections on my childhood relationship to the St. Lawrence as one of only a handful of people who ever paddled its entire length, and then introduce episode 157 of Blue Fish Radio featuring Oceana’s Dr Robert Rangeley and his work with DFO over the summer exploring the Gulf of St. Lawrence both above and below.

Together with Canada’s Department of Fisheries, Oceana Canada’s Dr. Rangeley and government scientists operated a 3,000 kilo remotely operated vehicle at depths of 400 meters, where they explored the bountiful thriving sea life. The extent of the marine life covering the ocean floor and at all depths was astonishing, and proves without doubt Canada’s oceans deserve our stewardship in order that they might continue to provide healthy and sustainable food for centuries to come.

For more about the research initiative, visit: www.oceana.ca/GulfofStLawrence

Credit for the seafloor images go to CSSF/ROPOS, Oceana Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Credit for images taken on the ship goes to Oceana Canada/Neil Ever Osborne.