Disentangling Whales Along North America's Coastline

With an increasing number of whales plying the oceans along the coastlines of North America, incidents of tragic human / whale encounters are growing
Nunatsiavut Government’s Minister of Lands and Natural Development, Darryl Shiwak

Marine-Management Plan for Canada’s Eastern Arctic

The Inuit of Labrador and the federal government have signed a deal that will see the Inuit participate in the development of a marine-management plan covering more than 380,000 square kilometres of coastal waters on the far eastern end of Canada’s Northwest Passage.

Eastern Arctic Ocean Agreement

Inuit people and the federal government have signed a deal that will see the Inuit use their traditional knowledge to develop a marine-management plan

Rivers as Life-Giving Arteries

Together with Canada’s Department of Fisheries, Oceana Canada’s Dr. Rangeley and government scientists operated a 3,000 kilo remotely operated vehicle at depths of 400 meters, where they explored the bountiful thriving sea life.
Greg Taylor holding a wild Pacific Salmon

What’s Causing BC’s Disappointingly Low Salmon Returns?

Greg Taylor, Senior Fisheries Advisor with Watershed Watch’s Salmon Society, provides a regional breakdown of the 2017 wild salmon returns along Canada’s Pacific coast, and shares his findings and conclusions

Sounds from the Deep

Seventy per cent of the surface of the earth is covered by water. More significantly, the water is three dimensional

Indigenous Tourism

First Nations people across Canada are undertaking increasingly more economic activities to generate wealth.

Farming and Harvesting the Ocean

Our dependence for food and life on the ocean that covers 70 per cent of the world's surface is only now being fully understood and appreciated.

Climate Change and the World's Coral Reefs

It is estimated that 70 per cent of the Earth's surface area is made up of oceans that, in-turn, provide habitat for 75 per cent of all known species on earth.

Extreme Spring 2017 Water Levels

Following one of the wettest months of April on record, the first week of May 2017 also was the wettest recorded since 1900.

Canada's Commercial Ocean Fisheries in Danger

In 1992 the North Atlantic Cod fishery was closed along Canada's east coast, and 25 years later has still not re-opened.

Plastic Fish Plastic Food

Eating fish is promoted as a super healthy food, but a University of McGill researcher, Laura McDonnell, recently went public about her decision to stop eating fish

Rideau Canal Toxins

While carrying out repairs to the stone walls along a stretch of the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa, toxins were disturbed at the bottom of the canal

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

There’s no shortage of troubling news reports these days about our shared land border with the United States.