NOAA Flood Predictions

A new US government report suggests floods will become more common over the next century.

76 Salish Sea Killer Whales Left

There are 76 Killer Whales left along Vancouver Island's south coast. This is half the number from ten years ago.

Two Federal Bills Promising Protection

The Federal Government recently tabled a series of new bills focused on Canada's oceans, lakes and rivers.


As much as Canadians like to consider themselves to be environmentally conscious people, we willingly choose not to see much of the truth.
Lawrence Gunther and Guide Dog Moby on Ice

Lawrence and Moby’s 2017 Year-End Highlights

While the late and stormy spring may have delayed the start of our open water fishing, it freed up time to do even more to plan, promote and celebrate outdoor traditions.

People's Great Lakes Summit

People of diverse backgrounds, occupations, positions, experiences and histories recently gathered for two days in Toronto for The “People’s Great Lakes Summit”

Letter from 1000 Scientists Raises Red Flags

A letter expressing a dire warning about the dangers to humanity has been written by over 1,500 scientists from around the world.
Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe

Lawrence’s Insights on the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario 2017 Report “Good Choices Bad Choices”

Did you know Ontario has an environmental bill of rights, and an environmental commissioner?

Environment Commissioner of Ontario 2017 Report Good Choices Bad Choices

The role of the Environmental commissioner of Ontario, Diane Saxe, includes producing reports such as the 2017 report entitled “Good choices, Bad Choices”

Disentangling Whales Along North America's Coastline

With an increasing number of whales plying the oceans along the coastlines of North America, incidents of tragic human / whale encounters are growing
Nunatsiavut Government’s Minister of Lands and Natural Development, Darryl Shiwak

Marine-Management Plan for Canada’s Eastern Arctic

The Inuit of Labrador and the federal government have signed a deal that will see the Inuit participate in the development of a marine-management plan covering more than 380,000 square kilometres of coastal waters on the far eastern end of Canada’s Northwest Passage.

Eastern Arctic Ocean Agreement

Inuit people and the federal government have signed a deal that will see the Inuit use their traditional knowledge to develop a marine-management plan

Rivers as Life-Giving Arteries

Together with Canada’s Department of Fisheries, Oceana Canada’s Dr. Rangeley and government scientists operated a 3,000 kilo remotely operated vehicle at depths of 400 meters, where they explored the bountiful thriving sea life.
Greg Taylor holding a wild Pacific Salmon

What’s Causing BC’s Disappointingly Low Salmon Returns?

Greg Taylor, Senior Fisheries Advisor with Watershed Watch’s Salmon Society, provides a regional breakdown of the 2017 wild salmon returns along Canada’s Pacific coast, and shares his findings and conclusions

Sounds from the Deep

Seventy per cent of the surface of the earth is covered by water. More significantly, the water is three dimensional