Last Kick at the Ice Fishing Can

The 2016 Ice fishing season had to be one of the shortest on record. December was a bust and January crept in so slow that you just knew it couldn’t last. Even still, I managed to creep out on the ice, poke a few holes, and strike it lucky a bunch of times before the February show season began chewing up my weekends.

In early March my friend Jason Cox drove us up to one of his favourite lakes in the Ottawa Valley region. I know this lake well as my Walleye club has a competitive event here every summer, but this was my first time fishing it through the ice. Joining us for the day was my youngest boy, who loves being on the ice when the weather starts to warm up, and of course, Moby my Burnese / lab guide dog.

We took out the two Frabill flip-over’s. Three seats and wind-breaks for everyone. It was the beginning of March and only 14-inches of ice managed to form.

Lots of Perch entertained my son while Jason and I put down larger bait in hopes of tagging a large Pike or Walleye. Always fun fishing with tip-ups especially now that I’ve started using BlueTipz wireless bite alarms that send a private message to my iPhone or BlueTipz receiver announcing each time there’s action. Otherwise, I’m working the Frabill straight line combos that I’ve come to appreciate so much.

Whether it’s the Frabill multipliers or the single action reels I use for fishing 2lb test, they all have their place. Both allow me to get my line down to the exact depth faster than possible when using spinning gear. The free-spool multipliers are lightening quick, and the single action reels for lighter line and shallower water let me strip off the exact amount of line each time – eliminating the guess work.

Good day for sure. Lots of bites, warm nourishing sun, and great company. Moby had a great day too meeting and greeting the ice shanty dogs that had already laid claim to the lake for the season. Funny how dogs always seem to think they own the entire ice surface for as far as they can see.