Indigenous Tourism

First Nations people across Canada are undertaking increasingly more economic activities to generate wealth.

Lunker Walleyes from Fast Flowing Rivers

Fishing for Walleye in lakes is equivalent to downhill skiing on blue diamond slopes; doable, but not nearly as challenging and potentially rewarding as pursuing huge Walleye in fast flowing double-diamond rivers.

Farming and Harvesting the Ocean

Our dependence for food and life on the ocean that covers 70 per cent of the world’s surface is only now being fully understood and appreciated.

Climate Change and the World’s Coral Reefs

It is estimated that 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface area is made up of oceans that, in-turn, provide habitat for 75 per cent of all known species on earth.

A True Canadian Grand Slam

Mathew and Kyla Owl were selected by the new First Nations owners to lead the transformation process and operate Ritchie Falls.

Extreme Spring 2017 Water Levels

Following one of the wettest months of April on record, the first week of May 2017 also was the wettest recorded since 1900.

Canada’s Commercial Ocean Fisheries in Danger

In 1992 the North Atlantic Cod fishery was closed along Canada’s east coast, and 25 years later has still not re-opened.

Plastic Fish Plastic Food

Eating fish is promoted as a super healthy food, but a University of McGill researcher, Laura McDonnell, recently went public about her decision to stop eating fish

Rideau Canal Toxins

While carrying out repairs to the stone walls along a stretch of the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa, toxins were disturbed at the bottom of the canal

Indigenous Knowledge