Inuit Circumpolar Council Meets in Alaska

Inuit People are a nation of people who share common language, culture, and a common land along the Arctic coast of Siberia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

Eco Labels

How can we as consumers ensure we are eating seafood that is caught or farmed sustainably?

The Oil Spill Cleaning Illusion

Do we truly have what it takes to respond to oil spills?

Hurricanes and Flooding

As Canadians we seem to enjoy speaking with strangers about weather more than just about anything else.


We can either choose not to venture outside of our urban spaces, or take precautions and not let our fears restrict how we live our lives.

NOAA Flood Predictions

A new US government report suggests floods will become more common over the next century.

76 Salish Sea Killer Whales Left

There are 76 Killer Whales left along Vancouver Island’s south coast. This is half the number from ten years ago.

Two Federal Bills Promising Protection

The Federal Government recently tabled a series of new bills focused on Canada’s oceans, lakes and rivers.


As much as Canadians like to consider themselves to be environmentally conscious people, we willingly choose not to see much of the truth.

Lawrence and Moby’s 2017 Year-End Highlights

While the late and stormy spring may have delayed the start of our open water fishing, it freed up time to do even more to plan, promote and celebrate outdoor traditions.